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Push the limit

POWER IS ALL. It controls your speakers, pushes them to their limits and beyond. Power to your speakers comes from your amplifiers. No matter how big and powerful your amps are, they can’t deliver unless they are full of power. All the time. So you need cables that deliver. Period.

Oxygen free copper

Amongst all materials, only one is second to none when talking about serious current delivery. That is OXYGEN FREE COPPER aka OFC. It has much better current flow that other materials used for manufacturing cables. Therefore it is an obvious choice for manufacturing FOUR Connect STAGE 2 power cables. The cables that deliver. Seriously.

Super Flex

Attention to detail. No single feature makes your cable flexible. Threads are super thin, because thin flexes better than thick, and thin threads improve the current flow. Twisted bundles make cable more flexible than straight, and kill interferences. Silicon based high quality rubber insulation flexes better than crappy plastics, and protects your cable better. This is how SUPER FLEX STAGE 2 is created.

Power Cables