Blocks / Terminals

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Connect and distribute your power

Connect and distribute your power. To do that, you need blocks and terminals. Strong ones that really hold your cables connected. Ones that are machined with care to have firm bolts and threads. And heavy enough to deliver the power. Just compare with others, FOUR Connect is heavy.

More is better

Ground point is the most important point in your system. FOUR Connect ground terminal has not one, not two, but three bolt holes to secure it. You can fasten it so tight, that nothing will loose it unless you want to. Secure your equipment.

Re-inventing the wheel

Attention to detail. Why make many separate identical distribution blocks with different sizes of holes? Makes no sense to us. So we did re-invent the wheel. FOUR Connect distribution blocks are drilled to BIG cables. And we include reducers to every slot. All slots work with different sizes of cables. We let you decide.

Blocks / Terminals