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Keeps you entertained all the way

Digital Media receiver that keeps you entertained all the way. Simple to use with clear display, large buttons and rotary multi-function controller. All input sources needed today are built-in. Enough outputs for a big sound system if appetite comes with eating. Plus a remote for backseat DJ’s.

Little things, big differences

Attention to detail saves you a lot of trouble. No hassle with routing wires. Thanks to Built-in microphone and USB & AuxIn in front panel. Short body is easy to install to every dash. Solid ISO-connectors in the rear panel eliminate the missing wires syndrome when changing car. Keep it simple.

ALL IN and more out

You have FM radio, USB, SD, AuxIn and Bluetooth audio stream as input sources. So literally ALL IN. Built-in amplifiers has four channels, standard amount that works with all OEM systems. And nice amounts of power. Front, Rear and subwoofer RCA-outputs to connect as many amps as you need. With bass-, treble-, X-bass- and preset DSP-settings you decide your sound.